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These images are of the Tactical Airlift mission, and feature the 440th Airlift Wing, U.S. Air Force Reserve Command, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The "normal" airlift mission involves picking up cargo or people at one large airport and delivering it to another large airport, like FedEx or the airlines. Tactical Airlift means you can operate out of short dirt strips as some of the pictures here show. Tactical airlift also means that you may deliver your cargo by parachute, or "air drop" as its known.

The Wing is comprised of many units to make this amazing stuff happen. The 95th Airlift Squadron flies the planes, the 34th Aerial Port Squadron is in charge of the cargo handling, parachutes, and delivery systems.

President George W. Bush Visits the 440th Airlift Wing

Parachute Panorama! Note that they hit the road even with a crosswind (note smoke in background)!

Big Medium Small

34th Aerial Port Squadron Recovering the 'chute

Runway begins at orange markers, aircraft carrier precision required.

34th Aerial Port Sq.attaching slingload to UH-60

Unloading one C-130 while another departs

This isn't your fathers runway!

Unloading one of two Humvees

dodging simulated surface to air missiles

This isn't a runway, it's a cattle trail!


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